Analysis of plastic fruit juice bottle packaging market

In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards,plastic fruit juice has become a big drink that people enjoy drinking. Fruit Juice can bring more application to people. When it comes to juice, we have to refer to juice bottles as packaging. Juice bottle packaging is a very common type of packaging in our daily life.

In the past, PET juice bottles have dominated almost the entire market, leading brands of beverage manufacturers are happy to use PET juice bottles for packaging. With the development of the market, glass juice bottles began to return. Some wish to take the high-end line of juice manufacturers, began to use juice bottle packaging, product differentiation.

In general, there are more variations and types of juice bottles. With the increase of the sales of fruit juice, the popularity of fruit juice bottles is inevitable.



Before, we have to give you push a news, that is, a foreign supermarket in juice bottles printed on the production time, each bottle of juice bottles are just produced on the label, the label is different. The design was well received by consumers in the market, and juice sales increased more than 10-fold in a short period of time. This incident has given us a lot of inspiration. It’s the emphasis on the freshness of the juice. At the same time, juice bottle packaging changes for the importance of juice sales.

There is no difference between juice bottle packaging and other types of beverage bottle packaging on the market. Nowadays, people are more and more important to their health. There is one aspect of the juice bottle on the market that needs to be addressed. To show the freshness of the drink. The natural fruit juice bottle packaging can be reflected on the label appearance, which is worthy of attention and development direction of fruit juice bottle manufacturers. On the other hand, there should be more variety in the style of juice bottles, such as orange juice bottles can be made into the style of orange, strawberry juice bottles can be made into the style of orange.

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Post time: May-01-2022