Our company is located in Xingtai .hebei province which is professional plastic packaging supplier of China.Our company was established in 2013 and engaged in doing plastic packaging international trade for a long time which contains food .cosmetic.medical.chemicals and other industries packaging.
We use original materials PET.PP.PE.ABS.PS.PETG and other materials to produce bottles.

Our main products are plastic food jar.plastic sprayer bottle.cosmetic bottles.hand sanitizer bottles.shampoo bottles.flip-top bottles.trigger sprayer.lotion pump.mist sprayer.bottle caps and other bottles.Our products are exported to USA .Europe .Asia.Africa and other countries.

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    Share my housekeeping tips and say goodbye to kitchen clutter

    In daily life, there are many ingredients need sealed storage, such as grains, tea, nuts need classified sealed storage, or it is easy to deterioration. I recently planted a set of hermetically plastic sealed cans, there are different sizes can store a variety of ingredients, the instant feeling ...

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    Sanitizer is our weapon, sanitizer level by our good guard!

    The epidemic is the order, prevention and control is the responsibility, in this war without smoke, there are a group of the most lovely people, they are not medical personnel, but through the most simple and courageous action, to ensure the safety of medical treatment and working environment. As...

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    You actually have fruit in a juice bottle? High-looking classic juice packaging to share

    “WYSIWYG” can always bring a sense of security, in the selection of a product, we often want to know before the purchase of it in the end what kind of, but the transparent packaging is often a bit monotonous. In this issue, we will bring you four WYSIWYG JUICE packaging products! As if the fruit ...