Simplicity is the beauty, a small spray bottle, but also a good effect!

Whether it is to water the flowers to remove grease or disinfection of the epidemic, is it necessary to install a can be used to spray the container? But most of these products are not designed to last, for example: avoid the light? Is the spray delicate enough? Big Hand or small hand feel comfortable holding? … Is the shower gonna leak. …. To avoid entanglement.

The focus of the spray bottle is on the nozzle, the finer the spray, the better the effect. This one is just right. It doesn’t spray brute force, just a gentle mist. And is a high-pressure fine mouth, uniform water output, spray area is also large. Opaque bottle body, avoid light while can be more durable storage.


Select high-quality grade PP material, environmental protection, easy to degrade, non-toxic, is used for food-grade materials, safe and assured. When pressing the nozzle, a high-efficient fog, a large number of fog, hand in line with the ergonomic design, even if the continuous pressure will not have a sore feeling. The pressure valve of the nozzle and the screw fastener design of the bottle mouth can turn upside down at will, and it is also watertight.

Arrange the hair to it as the hair water, wash the face to it as make-up water, clean the sanitation to it as clean water… … there are indeed too many moments in life can use it, we can do a good job of each product, only to give you a more comfortable experience.


Post time: Aug-08-2022