Butterfly Flip-top bottles

We call a butterfly – shaped conjoined lid a butterfly lid usually used in the flip-top cap bottle.  Butterfly cap is a special kind of bottle cap, which has its own advantages and characteristics.  First, the butterfly lid is easy to open, labor-saving and convenient.  Second, because it is a conjoined lid, the butterfly lid is not easy to discard, so it will not be found after opening, which reduces the problem in this aspect.  Third, butterfly cover mouth is generally small, do not need to be fully opened, so as to ensure sealing, but also conducive to liquid pouring control dose.


So, how much is the price of the butterfly cover? How about the purchase price?  First of all, the butterfly cover materials, PP, PE, PVC and so on.  The price of butterfly cover of different material is different.  Secondly, the butterfly size, caliber size, different sizes of the price of the butterfly lid is not the same.  Finally, The pattern of butterfly lid.The butterfly lid price of different design style differs somewhat.


Post time: Sep-22-2022