Beautiful and tight plastic food sealed cans, your kitchen will always be short of one!

For men and women to create a sophisticated kitchen life,There is a need for beautiful and practical plastic bottles and cans.They are responsible for blooming and preserving the good taste,Only high – profile and high – performance appliances deserve high hopes.

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In comparison, our company a lifestyle manufacturer with more than 4 years of experience, may be more trustworthy for you. It is said that from Japanese housewives to culinary experts around the world, it is regarded as a must-have in the kitchen, and it is also the hottest food photo on Instagram around the world. In China, it is favored by large enterprises and housewives.

Many people will choose plastic food containers with easy-to-open lid to store food, which can be filled with food, sealing effect, effective isolation of water and air, can keep food fresh for a long time.

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One of the main features of the easy to open lid sealing tank is its unique moisture-proof seal cover and easy to pull lid design, better than ordinary sealing tank sealing, storage food more secure.From the beginning of the launch so far, this efficient moisture-proof sealed tank is still favored by the public, many food and pharmaceutical enterprises are also using this moisture-proof sealed tank to effectively store food.Of course, we have to use a machine to seal such a high sealing can, so as to achieve the maximum sealing.

Its cap is divided into PP material cover, food grade easy to open cover, two parts.Similar to peanuts, soybeans and other food materials mildew is not easy to distinguish by the naked eye, once eaten, there will be a risk of food poisoning. For this kind of food, it is necessary to store it completely out of air, and an airtight plastic jar is necessary.

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There are many models of plastic food jar, which can meet the various needs of users. The size and capacity can be selected according to the needs. Small partners can choose appropriate collocation, easy to receive. The cans are large diameter, easy to clean, recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Each sealed tank is an individual. Just like everyone has his/her own story.The plastic-sealed jar in my memory is my grandmother’s pickles. Not as pretty, but like it just the same.

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Post time: Jan-07-2022