Metal cans .plastic cans .how to choose food packaging

In the past years the use of metal packaging in all types of food packaging.the phenomenon of slow growth.Increased health awareness among consumers has had an adverse impact on metal packaging of food products.such as canned fruit and soup.which are generally considered to be less nutritious than alternative packaging.Hard plastic packaging is expected to show stronger growth in canned food compared to metal packaging in the forecast years.although its sales is still relatively low.
Plastic food cans were launched under the such background.Plastic food cans are made of PET.which is lighter than traditional cans and is convenient for long-distance transportation.The outer packaging is transparent.Through the effective combination of transparent labels.the products look very dynamic and beautiful.
Plastic packaging has some potential advantages over metal packaging.the new hard plastic packaging can be double-rolled and has a metal lid that is easy to open or tear.providing the same long shelf as traditional canned products.unlike metal cans.which can be dented after collision.These advantages make it convenient and portable consumer goods.convenient and easy to carry is also the development trend of the world food packaging market.Tn fact.ready-eat metal and soup manufactures are looking to add value to their products to expand their consumer base.which is the main customer for the new packaging.
The advantage of plastic food bottle
1.Light weight the density of materials used to make plastic cans is smaller.Compared with the mass of containers with the same volume.plastic can are better than metal cans and glass bottles.
2.Low cost.Food plastic cans cost less materials and are easier to that the total price is cheaper.
3.Reliable protection of products.The tank is made of a variety of composite materials.with good chemical stability and barrier.The combination of the bottom.lid and body..
4.Good mechanical strength.Although the mechanical properties of plastic cans are slightly lower than metal bottles.but the packaging of general products is enough.rarely happen.

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Post time: Dec-03-2021