PE portable foam bottle.delicate foam care skin

Facial cleanser belongs to Facial Cleanser. When washing the skin, the object of cleansing milk is the dirt produced from the body, such as sebum, sweat, exfoliated cuticle cells, etc. , secreted by the skin of the human face, as well as dust, a variety of microorganisms, cosmetic residue from external dirt.These residual metabolites are unstable and can react with oxygen in the air or deposit molecules. When exposed to sunlight or when bacteria are present on the skin, various physical chemistry and biochemical reactions occur, forming irritants that may harm the skin.
herefore, even if is the healthy skin, the skin clean also is the skin care essential process.

Are you still worrying about washing your face/hands?

A.It feels sticky after using the facial cleanser

B. Use Face Wash Puff, bubble not much also easy to rub the face, use short cycle

C. Traditional Hand Sanitizer and facial cleanser have a short life cycle

Foaming bottles on the line to help solve the problem, there are a lot of foam facial cleanser on the market.

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Today, We will bring you a clean bread materialPE portable foam bottle.

A. good material also needs to be used in conjunction with a bottle opener,

Why does a foam bottle work so well?

1.How a pop bottle works?

With multi-layer spring, after deep extrusion and friction, produce a lot of fine foam, through the large capacity of storage, bubble cavity, through the bottle mouth pressure.

2.How to use a foam bottle?

A.Open the foaming bottle and pour the foaming liquid into the bottle.

B.According to the actual situation of the liquid, first add 8 times water and then put the liquid.

C.close the lid tightly and shake it gently.Shake well, then you can press out the rich foam.

D.Shake well, then you can press out the rich foam

3.The benefits of a foam bottle

A.Lather gently and gently cleanses the skin

B.Washing saves water and saves water resources

C.reuse of bottles


Post time: May-16-2022