PETG spray bottle cosmetic dispenser bottle

High-quality PETG round spray Bottle + PP spray pump , the characteristics of efficacy for packaging cosmetics water and other skin care products, convenient and practical travel. This product is made of high quality PETG material, no odor, no plasticiser and other harmful substances, can be used safely. Method of use, the first use of clean water and try spray, into toner use, press the nozzle can spray delicate spray. The effect of different make-up water spray is slightly different, please refer to the notice for details.


 Points to note

1.This product can only be used for lighter toning water. Do not use toning water (flower water) that is too viscous or contains granular ingredients. As a result of different brands of toner ingredients, viscosity, particles are not the same, can lead to spray effect difference, part of toner can only spray straight line, or even plug the nozzle. Please see for yourself if it is available. For example, refreshing and moisturizing toner can use this product, high moisturizing toner can not be used.

2.this product tolerance temperature IS-20-60 °C, prohibit the use of boiled water washing.

3.Don’t dress up for food or drink. Do not load into oil, in addition to liquid, essential oils, perfume, strong acids and high alcohol content of the liquid, so as to avoid deterioration of the material.

4.Please pay special attention to the contents which may cause deterioration or container staining if left for a long time.

5.Use the container as soon as possible, do not leave it for more than half a year

6.PETG products placed for a long time easy to contact with ash, cleaning can be used water or alcohol disinfection, remember not to use hot water cleaning




Post time: Mar-10-2022