Sanitizer is our weapon, sanitizer level by our good guard!

The epidemic is the order, prevention and control is the responsibility, in this war without smoke, there are a group of the most lovely people, they are not medical personnel, but through the most simple and courageous action, to ensure the safety of medical treatment and working environment.

As the front line of the whole hospital, the implementation of environmental cleaning and disinfection is particularly important. In order to better carry out the cleaning and disinfection work in practice, the hospital has assigned personnel to carry out the disinfection work in the division of the infection department.

Each time they had to carry 30 kg of disinfectant on their backs to spray the entire building of the infectious diseases department and the 120 ambulances transporting patients. They wore tight protective clothing, protective masks and goggles, and were sweating profusely for half a day, they went back and forth dozens of times a day, but they had no complaints.

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Post time: Jun-13-2022