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In daily life, there are many ingredients need sealed storage, such as grains, tea, nuts need classified sealed storage, or it is easy to deterioration. I recently planted a set of hermetically plastic sealed cans, there are different sizes can store a variety of ingredients, the instant feeling of a lot of clean, a variety of ingredients at a glance.

I took into consideration many aspects when selecting the airtight jar, and this set of airtight cans just happens to meet my various requirements. First, its size is reasonable and convenient for receiving different ingredients, and second, it is airtight,sealed watertight is simply too good, and transparent bottle, the ingredients at a glance easy to take.

Product highlights:

1.Three sizes are optional

The food at home is more diverse, if all use food bags stacked in the cupboard or refrigerator, it is easy to give the feeling of messy, also can cause food spoilage, classified storage is the wise choice. It comes in three sizes and can hold different ingredients. For tea, you can use smaller containers to save space without wasting it. Grains can be put in larger containers.


2.Save space

The kitchen has been used for a long time, the cupboard will be full of items look very messy, but it is not well organized, put some of the ingredients stored in sealed cans, you will find that the kitchen will look much cleaner. This set of sealed jars can be stacked to save space, from the messy kitchen space, ushered in a bright and spacious view and at a glance the classification of ingredients. The height of the sealed tank design is also very user-friendly, whether it is open storage or closed cabinets, can be stored very convenient.

3.Excellent sealing

The most important thing is the sealing of the sealed tank, this set of sealed tank with a soft sealing ring fit good watertight, sealing performance is excellent.Sealed cans not only sealed, transparent bottle design is also very human, all kinds of ingredients at a glance to find special convenience.

4.Use Feelings

My Kitchen is small, and there are a lot of things to store, especially grains do not store up very easily damp, so I planted a grass can used to store a sealed set of ingredients. This set of sealed cans has three sizes for storing tea, grains and nuts respectively. The sizes are just right. They can also be stacked for storage, which is especially suitable for small houses and saves a lot of space, transparent bottle design ingredients look obvious, it is too convenient.

Every home will have some dry goods to store, for better sealed storage,plastic food  cans are a good choice, so that the home looks organized.


Post time: Jun-20-2022