Whats the reason when the spray bottle do not work ?

       It could be that the nozzle of the spray bottle is partially blocked or that there is a problem with the tightness of the spray bottle. It could also be that the liquid in the spray bottle is too viscous and needs to be addressed.

  1. The watertight ring leaks.

 If the water-proof ring of the atomizing nozzle is leaking and the anti-leakage device is corroded or damaged, water dripping will occur during the spraying process. At this point we need to leak-proof device like repair or replacement, to ensure that the normal spray atomizer nozzle spray.


      spray bottle 3 

     2.The connection is broken

 If the atomization nozzle connection problems, resulting in sealing is not good, there will be atomization nozzle spray process water dripping phenomenon. At this point we need to do is to re-connect the atomizer nozzle, to ensure that it has a good seal, 

     3.The threaded connection is not fully connected

The same problem will occur if the threaded connection of the atomizing nozzle is incomplete. At this time, how do we need to take remedial measures? Then you need to reconnect. If there is a reason for the atomizing nozzle itself, you need to replace the new atomizing nozzle to ensure that such problems do not occur



Post time: Apr-13-2022