You actually have fruit in a juice bottle? High-looking classic juice packaging to share

“WYSIWYG” can always bring a sense of security, in the selection of a product, we often want to know before the purchase of it in the end what kind of, but the transparent packaging is often a bit monotonous.

In this issue, we will bring you four WYSIWYG JUICE packaging products! As if the fruit hidden in the bottle, intuitive but without losing the sense of beauty! Product Appeal, Max!

For fresh juice, in addition to simple transparent packaging, but also through what novel packaging design to vividly reflect the fresh juice is pressed it? Squeeze & Fresh has their answer. This is a kind of juice cup that can make you feel as if you are enjoying while squeezing the juice.

Nowadays, the interactivity of commodities has become a powerful competitive advantage in the market. Squeeze & Fresh makes good use of this interactivity. The label of the Juice Cup is simple but full of vitality. The perfect combination of the label and the type of juice makes the fresh-squeezed juice more outstanding. When we use it, we can feel the pulp getting less and less as we drink it, which makes us feel more engaged, and our mood will be improved by this unique little fresh packaging.


Can there be a more direct and attractive form of packaging design than simply putting the whole fruit in the bottle? Pure prints the mouth-watering pulp directly onto the plastic  juice bottle, and with the fruit’s solid color, the juice and the package seem to blend into one, and the pulp seems to float directly inside. In the visual on the consumer stressed the natural fresh squeezed product characteristics.


The simple label, comfortable solid color and fluid bottle design give this product a sense of its own advanced, not only able to stand out from the many products on store shelves, it can also be a piece of art to decorate a room.


Post time: Jun-09-2022